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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Become a statistician and help to design surveys and then they interpret the results

They work on interesting problems in just every field of science and engineering. 


Introduction to the field:
Statistician use their math background to a great extent to collect, study, and analyze data.

They decide where and how to gather the data. They must determine the type and size of a sample to be studied.

They will then, develop a reporting form. Finally, they will implement a plan and conduct surveys and research.

The challenge:
Keep in mind that it is not enough just to be good to succeed in this field.

It is important also to have good communication skills, good understanding of business and the economy, and the ability to explain everything to those who do not know much in that field.

These skills will make you very attractive to any industry. If you have only a bachelor's degree, and you find job in engineering, economy, biology, you may not be called with the title.

To have the title, you will need a strong background in mathematics, engineering, or computer science. Furthermore, if you are that qualified, you will have a great chance to work for the government. 


Additional resources  
So You Want to be a Statistician?  PowerPointAlex Trindade, Associate Professor of Statistics, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Texas Tech University.


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