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Friday, April 02, 2021

The Romanian platform uses artificial intelligence and launches the training module in mathematics | Module in mathematics - Business Review, the first and only standardized digital testing platform in Romania, upgrades its types of ​​tests available on the platform, by launching a “training” module in mathematics based on programmatic generation of items. 

At launch, the tests will be available in beta for the first 200 students in grades I-IV who register on the platform (option available in “My Account”), and within approximately one month the tests will be publicly accessible, to be developed later for grades V-VIII and high school...

The mathematics training test module available on  is based on the programmatic, dynamic and randomized generation of items.

Created with the expertise of an extensive team of professors and specialists in psychometrics and marketing, the Brio® platform integrates hundreds of thousands of tests and has already been used by over 100,000 users. Through this unique training test module, to be patented, Brio® makes the transition from a diagnostic tool that shows the current level of knowledge to an intervention that helps improve results. The stated objective of the founder of Brio® is to consolidate the position on the local market, broadening the horizon of the audience, but also of the type of customers. After consolidating on the Romanian market, the company aims at developing internationally.''...

We are already preparing such tests that will offer us more than the measure of children’s school performance, namely the measure of their future adaptability in the society in which they will live,” states Prof. Dragoș Iliescu.

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Source: Business Review