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Sunday, September 30, 2018

10 New Books We Recommend This Week | Book Review - New York Times

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Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times by Gregory Cowles, Senior Editor, Books.

My relationship with bugs is probably a lot like yours: antagonistic but resigned to an extended leery détente, with occasional hostilities on both sides. The mosquito buzzes; I swat it aside. But insects also exert a queasy fascination — they’re so alien, and so ubiquitous, that they become ideal subjects for scientific study, and for books. In “Underbug,” one of our recommended titles this week, the journalist Lisa Margonelli takes a close look at termites and the entomologists who love them. Bonus for curious but grossed-out readers: The book includes no photos.

If you like science writing but aren’t ready for termites, you might check out Mimi Swartz’s “Ticker,” about the historical quest to develop an artificial heart. We also recommend not one but two collections of sly meta-essays (by Brian Dillon and Ashleigh Young), along with a survey of the Supreme Court’s role in public education, an account of the true crime that served as a model for “Lolita,” a memoir by an undocumented immigrant, and new novels by Esi Edugyan and Robert Galbraith (or “Robert Galbraith”). And since football season is in full swing, this would be a good time to pick up Mark Leibovich’s new book, “Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times.” If nothing else, it will make you think about the league’s business model, and you’ll wince a little harder each time a player is carried off the field.

Source: New York Time