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Sunday, September 09, 2018

Taking your better self to school: 5 renewals for teachers | Education - OUPblog

Photo: Peggy D. Bennett
Professor Emerita of Music Education at Oberlin Conservatory, Peggy D. Bennett has spent over 40 years studying the processes of learning and living. Author and co-author of 6 books and over 50 pedagogical and research articles, Dr. Bennett has presented her unique brand of teacher education in nearly every state and four continents observes, "For teachers, “back to school” can convey eagerness and excitement. It can also evoke fear, anxiety, and dread. Few of us have the pleasure of thriving in our schools every day, every year. If we learned of ways to bolster ourselves would we try them?"

Photo: OUPblog
So many encounters can worry us and, our reactions to those worries can stay with us for a long time. We cannot always control the challenges that come our way, but we can be intentional about our reactions to them...

Starting the school year feels like a new beginning. And, it can be. What would you like for your new beginnings this year?
Five simple ideas offer possibilities for “taking your better self to school.”

Source: OUPblog