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Sunday, September 09, 2018

Why campus life is not easy for our youth | Commentary - Standard Digital

Prof Mogambi, development and social change expert, teaches at the University of Nairobi observes, "The death of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno, whose body was found in a forest in Homa Bay County on Wednesday, brings to the fore issues that, sadly, we continue to ignore."
Egerton University drama club members addressing the press at the university main campus in Njoro.
Photo: File, Standard

We have had too many deaths among university students and there is need for a cultural shift that will turn the tide of tragedy. And that shift must happen way before our young people become statistics.

The new media culture, which is associated with excessive social media use, also fosters a certain competition between one’s real life and one’s virtual life. 

There is a tug-of-war between being engrossed in posting experiences on social media, sending texts and taking selfies, and enjoying the moment itself for what it’s worth. Many university students are living dual lives - virtual and real - sometimes the virtual life becomes more important than the real life.

Students are often told that their university time should be the best of their lives.

Instagram profile 
There’s intense pressure to meet new people every day, forge friendships that will last a lifetime, go out and party while getting top grades and maintaining an immaculate Instagram profile to show your old schoolmates exactly how much fun you’re having.

In these circumstances, even the most prepared students can be exposed to high-risk behaviour and are more likely to participate in it.

Source: Standard Digital