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Sunday, September 09, 2018

What books to read this fall | Books -

"Upcoming books you won't want to miss" according to Ron Charles, writes about books and publishing for The Washington Post.

It may reveal too much about my teenage years to confess that I craved the annual arrival of the Burpee seed catalog. For weeks, I would live in those glossy pages of rainbow coleus and bursting zinnias. Something about those visions of future glory made me drunk with hope. I was not, perhaps, the coolest high school kid.

I've long since abandoned gardening, as my neighbors will attest, but the thrill of the seed catalog has been replaced by the blurb-filled optimism of book publishers' catalogs. And the analogy is more apt than you might think. Some of these authors are familiar standbys, like hardy geraniums, whose work will be just as beautiful as expected. Others are exciting debuts, like some exotic new snapdragon, that could dazzle — or droop.

With that warning, here's a list of books I'm looking forward to this fall season. Not all of them will rise to the level of the hype, but it's a bumper crop.