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Saturday, September 15, 2018

AI: Going beyond the hype | - TechTarget

Check out the latest findings on how the hype around artificial intelligence could be sowing damaging confusion. Also, read a number of case studies on how enterprises are using AI to help reach business goals around the world.

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In this e-guide:
Artificial Intelligence is red hot. But what lies beyond the hype?
Once it was big data, then cloud, now it is artificial intelligence, and that sub-set of it which is machine learning, that’s generating more heat than light.
Is there business value here? And, if there is, is it in dang er of being lost in the noise of “AI washing” – namely, rinsing already existing technologies, especially those to do with process automation, in the magic washin powder of “AI”?

Table Of Contents
  • Is artificial intelligence hype sowing damaging confusion?
  • Artificial intelligence industry should get strategic government boost
  • Danske Banks taps into the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson
  • Nordea deploys AI to speed up customer service
  • Artificial intelligence will increase productivity by sharpening human mind
  • Let's have some more straight talking on AI and robotics
  • The rise of the machines
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Source: -TechTarget