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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Why should I learn to read music? | Music Theory - Classic FM

Learning how to read music can be one of the best ways to train your brain – but it can also have a huge impact on other areas of your life, like confidence and fitness (trust us), continues Classic FM.

Reading music.
Photo: Getty

You’ll have a better understanding of the music you listen to Have a listen to this performance of Steve Reich’s famous clapping music:

It’s just a load of clapping, right? Now, have a look at the score:
Steve Reich's clapping music.
Photo: YouTube
It’s only a small section of the whole piece, but you can now start to see how the parts overlap with each other, creating complex rhythms that eventually come together in unison.

Being able to read music means you can see and understand the structure of the piece and how it’s put together, allowing you to develop a greater understanding of the whole composition.

Source: Classic FM and Bill Ryan Channel  (YouTube)