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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Artificial Intelligence - How Far Will It Go? | Break Room - Toolbox

Robert Johnny Jr., Cyber Security Analyst, Alight Tech summarizes, "Artificial intelligence has been the hot topic in the information technology arena since quite some years." 

Photo: Pexels

Day by day the concept of artificial intelligence is getting powerful with new concepts and innovations. Now we know we have smart computers which can read, write, see, listen, speak and sense. Amazon echo or Google Donut is a good listener and gives us answers for our queries. Facial recognition is also a trending factors in the upcoming smart phones which is an application of Artificial Intelligence. The concept and meaning of Artificial Intelligence in times. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?
A computer or a software simulated with human intelligence is called Artificial Intelligence. If a computer or a software recognize something and act or make decision over that is application of Artificial Intelligence. Speech recognition is one of the example. Now a days banking sector and other companies are using this AI application for their customer support.

Source: Toolbox