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Friday, September 28, 2018

Three Active Learning Strategies That Push Students Beyond Memorization | Effective Teaching Strategies - Faculty Focus

This article originally appeared on Faculty Focus in 2014. © Magna Publications. All rights reserved.

 "Those who teach in the health disciplines expect their students to retain and apply every iota of learned material" explains Sydney Fulbright PhD, Author at Faculty Focus. 

However, many students come to us having achieved academic success by memorizing the content, regurgitating that information onto an exam, and promptly forgetting a good portion of it. In health, as well as other disciplines where new material builds upon the material from the previous semesters, it is critical for students to retain what they learn throughout their coursework and as they begin their careers as a nurse, engineer, elementary teacher, etc.
So, how do we get students to retain this knowledge? Here are three active learning strategies for pushing students beyond simple memorization.

Source: Faculty Focus