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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Digital transformation is disrupting markets, business processes and jobs | TrainingZone and Open University

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It is essential that in the drive to equip tomorrow’s workforce with the tools they need for the future, we ensure that both digital and soft skills are prioritised. According to the World Economic Forum, the top 10 skills most desired by employers by 2020 are all soft skills, including problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. So in the drive to get employees up to speed with digital literacy and fluency, it’s also important that these softer skills are not forgotten about.

This whitepaper, authored by Ron Edwards, Global Partnerships Director at Hive Learning, outlines what needs to be done to plug the current digital and soft skills gaps and offers practical advice on how to evaluate an organisation’s learning provision and make appropriate changes.

Foreword by Viren Patel, Director Corporate Sales & Education Institutions, The Open University.
The pace of technological and digital developments means that some skills lose relevance more quickly now than ever before. It’s therefore crucial that organisations invest in training for their workforce, so that they can adapt to the changing environment and ensure they remain productive.

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Source: TrainingZone and Open University