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Sunday, September 09, 2018

Google maps out a digital Thailand | Tech - The Nation

"Tech giant is offering solutions to help businesses and individuals improve their prospects" inform Asina Pornwasin, Online Content Editor at The Nation Newspaper and Jintana Panyaarvudh, Managing Editor at The Nation newspaper.

Ben King, country director for Google Thailand

Google Thailand has made a commitment to help Thailand transform digitally through initiatives that merge efforts, technology and resources. The move will focus on empowering individuals, students and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to benefit from Google’s products and services.

Ben King, country director for Google Thailand, said the role of the tech giant would be to make information universally accessible and useful. 

Thailand is viewed as a mature market with 45 million people connected to the Internet, and engaging with technology in an increasingly varied way...

Affordable access
Google Thailand will focus on four areas in the coming years – affordable access, education, localised content and product, and SMEs. That’s similar to the focus for the past three years and is related to the ecosystem development, but the company has changed its approach, King said...

Digital literacy 
The second theme is education, which can be divided into two points – digital literacy and skill sets for a professional career. Google Thailand has worked with the Education Ministry through the Google Education Group to help teachers digitise their classrooms and engage students in many different ways ways.

Google’s aim is to help people understand how to maximise their practical use of the Web, learn how to protect themselves and their children, how to create a business online, how to access information in a meaningful way and how to communicate meaningfully with their communities...

Academy Bangkok
Another area of evolution will be Academy Bangkok, announced by Google at a recent local event. The idea behind the academy is to find the right talents and the right skill sets so as to capture digital opportunities.

Source: The Nation