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Friday, September 14, 2018

The Need for Balanced Feedback | Online Education - Faculty Focus

Ronald C. Jones, associate faculty, Ashford University observes, "In the online class environment, students enjoy many advantages, such as increased scheduling flexibility, ability to balance work and school, classroom portability, and convenience." 
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But there are potential shortcomings as well, including the lack of student-instructor interaction and a student not understanding the instructor’s expectations. A key mechanism to convey expectations while increasing student-instructor communication is relevant, timely, constructive, and balanced instructor feedback.
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Syntax vs. Content
The second concept regarding balanced feedback involves syntax/format versus topical content. Instructor feedback must address syntax and violations of the approved writing format and style guide, but it should also include topically-related comments. Otherwise, students might improve their spelling and grammar, yet continue to misunderstand the primary course concepts. With today’s technology regarding spell/grammar checks within writing software programs, I have become somewhat disillusioned at the incident rate of poor syntax. Students have little excuse for submitting work with simple errors, yet should syntax and format be the sole focus of my critique?

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Source: Faculty Focus