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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Your guide to navigating the new digital classroom | Family - The National

Hala Khalaf, writer & journalist says, "The current learning environment might at first appear completely foreign to the tech-hesitant parent, but communicating regularly with teachers will help."

Technology-based learning tools can help engage children’s attention and help maximise their potential
Photo: The National

Is parenting without a smartphone even possible anymore? There’s an app to record your newborn’s feeding and sleeping schedules, one to monitor homework, and another app to see what your toddler is up to at daycare, not to mention the dozens offering advice on how to parent in the first place. And that’s just apps – which are the relatively easy-to-use and straightforward aspects of this digitalised world we live in.

Digital natives  
Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in all aspects of life, and your child’s classroom is no exception. There’s a name for this new generation of learners: digital natives. And we’re raising them. Which means today’s learning environment may feel completely foreign to the tech-hesitant parent.

These days, students are doing homework online, schools are implementing monitored iPad use in class, teachers keep parents abreast via educational apps, and websites and YouTube links are a central part of at-home learning. Parents are naturally left with a lot of questions regarding media and technology as they try to better understand how and what their children are learning...

Download the apps  
Most schools these days have apps that parents need to download. There’s the D6 Communicator app, which allows you to choose your school from a list of education facilities around the world, in order to receive daily news and updates. SeeSaw is another, used by institutions such as Raha International School in Abu Dhabi and Greenfield Community School in Dubai, which students and teachers use during school hours so parents can see what their children are learning; and the iCare app, favoured by nurseries, including CreaKids in Dubai, which gives parents a glimpse of their children’s activities and day-to-day experiences.
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Source: The National