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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Blockchain, machine learning: What your CV must have for you to shine in tech world | Economic Times

"Rapid developments in technology require professionals to upgrade their skills for technology-centered jobs of tomorrow" writes Ishan Gupta, MD India of Udacity, Silicon Valley-based lifelong learning platform.
Photo: Economic Times
Srikanth Vidapanakal, who has been into data for more than 18 years, was inquisitive to learn about new technologies. He did a Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree that helped him acquire advanced skills and landed him with a job in automation sector. Srikanth is an example of lifelong learning where staying relevant in the age of rapidly changing technologies is the need of the hour.

In 2017, research suggested that AI and robotics could collectively take over 800 million jobs worldwide by 2030. On the flipside, it also mentioned that the technological revolution will end up creating millions of new jobs. In order to stay relevant and keep their jobs in the changing global job landscape, technologists and professionals from diverse fields will be required to upskill themselves. Keeping yourself abreast with emerging technologies will constantly keep you ahead of the game.

Here are 5 skills that, if acquired, can keep you relevant in the transforming global job market of tomorrow: 


Source: Economic Times